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A young Australian who dreams of being a model or photographer.
Every week I will focus on something different a brand, designer, colour, item of clothing, designers from a certain country, what to wear to go to a certain event. Things like that.
Please tell me what YOU want to see or ask me beauty questions and I will try to get back to you ;)
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Cocktail dresses

These are some of the cheapest cocktail style of dress that you will be able to find in Australia. The quality of these dresses may not be the best but they work well if you only need the dress for one or two occasions. The prices are in AUD. Let me know what you would like me to focus on next week xxx

Where to buy: http://www.allyfashion.com/store/

My personal blog: http://afabbfavouritethings.tumblr.com/

I accidentally posted this on the wrong blog 

New Week - Cocktail Dresses

Hey there pretties, I am sorry for my absence. I went away on holidays during January and when I got back I had to apply for Uni and sign up for my classes and organise my timetable. One great thing about my timetable is that I get Monday’s off which I am very pleased about.

Next month I will be turning 18 and to celebrate I will be having two parties, one more formal cocktail party with my family and family-friends, the other one will be a little more casual with my friends from high school. One of my friends asked me what she should wear to my cocktail party so I thought I’d focus on this theme for the week to show her all the beautiful things she could wear.

I hope you all enjoy the clothes I will be showing you this week and please let me know what you would like to see next week xxx 

New Week - What to wear to a job interview

Hello all of you beautiful followers. I’m sorry I wasn’t very active last week. I decided to take a little bit of a break to celebrate the New Year and then needed a little bit of time to recover from those celebrations.

This years is definitely going to be very exciting. I will be going off to Uni for the first time, moving out of home and I’m starting to learn how to cook. (I actually cooked my first ever meal tonight which was a delicious risotto)

Coming up this week I will be having my first ever real job interview and I a mixture of excited and scared. This is a job that I was really like and inspired me with the theme for this week.

Since this is a new year I know that many of you will be out looking for jobs so this week I will be looking at smart/sophisticated/conservative/elegant items of clothing that would be appropriate for a job interview.

As always please message me with any ideas you may have about what you would like to see next week or send me links to any stores that you would recommend.

I hope that all of you have a fantastic 2014 xxx

NYE Clothes

Just because you may be pregnant this NYE doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up to celebrate the new year, these first few dresses are gorgeous and actually cheaper than the other dresses. Prices in AUD. Let me know what you would like to see next week xxx

Where to buy: http://www.asos.com/au/?hrd=1

My personal blog: http://afabbfavouritethings.tumblr.com/